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2020 RoboPlay Video Competition Selected Submissions


Evaders of the Astray Ark


School: American Canyon High
Students: Erin Mangapot, Joshua Billbury, Mia Sellick, Aurora Wilcox Dickieson

Bella and the Mysterious Class Pet


School: American Canyon High
Students: Danielle Yamada, Erian Pangilinan, Vannia Sierra Fuentes

The Light


School: Southlake Middle
Students: Ethan, Christian, Declan, Elizabeth, Ben, Tomer, Charlie, and Connor

Quest for Westonium


School: Westminster High
Students: Calvin Dao, Dat Luu, Eric Estrada, Faline Le, Catherine Le

Lord of the Bits


School: Westminster High
Students: Amy Hoang, Colin Hoang, Khang Tran, Itzel Olea

Algorithm Rhythm


School: American Canyon High
Students: Angelie Bautista, Kenzie Dado, Colin Velicaria

Finding Atlantis


School: Westminster High
Students: Rich La, Michelle Lee, Justin Nguyen, UyenNghi Nguyen, Minh Vo

The Wild Linkbots


School: South Lake Middle
Students: Noelle Zepeda, Wendy Cao, Meera Sambhwani, Noa Halim, Anirban Chaudhury, Sawyer Ferrell, Rivin Ruhunage

Lynx’s Tale


School: Pine Grove STEM Magnet ES
Students: Nick Tracy, Jayden Stone-Frerking, Destiny Landron, Parker March Purpose:Storytelling